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PMC Armor

Crewman patch of the 73Marine Armored Company.


First Vehicle, the M3A1 Scout Car (White)

The M3A1 Scout car was developed prior to WW2 and was used in the Philippines at before the Japanese invasion. After the war surplus vehicles were donated by the US military forces to the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

A indegenous armored car would be fabricated by the Marines in the 1970s. Lakas-Loob (Guts!) would be shaped similarly to the M3 but it was a ľ ton truck with a welded armor body and modified dual rear wheels to bear the load. It featured prominently in the defense of Camp Seit in Jolo in the 1970s campaign.

A recent revival of fabricating or hardening vehicles would be the 2nd Battalion’s Hummve in the early 1990s. This was followed by the 6th Battalions "Iron Eagle" and gun truck "Talisman". And the 73rd Armor Company Hummve "Igor".


Second vehicle LVT3C, last example at PMA Baguio.


LVTP-5 Delivered in the 1970s after phase out with USMC.


LVT mounted with a short barreled 105mm howitzer for fire support.

TH UR-416

Thyssen Henschel UR-416; This vehicle was named "Acerro" (Steel) in recognition of Sgt. Nestor Acerro who was killed in the assault of Sibalo Hill. The UR 416 was acquired by the Department of National Defense; Research and Development Center and was sent for Field Evaluation with the Marines and was recommended for adoption as suitable for their needs in Southern Philippines.


V-150 early Several vehicles issued to the Marines among those received from the US Foreign Military Sales Program (Aid) for the Armed Forces of the Philippines . Still operational with diesel engines.


V-150 S (late) FMS in the 1980s; was selected when the proposal for the LVTP7 did not push through.


V-300 90mm

V-300 Final FMS delivered in 1996 with residual funds of the US Bases Aid packages.The Philippine Marines requested that these be equipped with water propulsion so they could be used in amphibious landings in tandem with the LVTs.


GKN Aquatrack – Not procurred by the Philippine Marines but by the Civil Defense office of the Department of Defense. The only two vehicles sold by the British company GKN are operated by the Marines due to their experience with Amphibious vehicles like the LVT and the LARC.

Being unarmored it serves well as amphibious logistics vehicle with good sea keeping qualities. It is said that the drive train and suspension used in the Aquatrack were derived from their experience with the US MLRS system vehicle that is in use in the British Army.

Primarily used for rescue and disaster recovery operations in the flood prone plains of Luzon that were aggravated by the "lahar" flow of the explosion of the Mt. Pinatubo volcano. The Aquatrack is equipped with a stern ramp similar to the WW2 amtracks, but also has a propeller for increased speed in the water. It is also equipped for navigation at sea.


USMC AAV-7 being operated by a Philippine Marine crew during an exercise.

The latest upgrade of USMC AAV7+P offered to Philippine Marines by USMC in 1998. Among the requirements submitted by the Philippine Marines to the Philippine Navy Modernization board were the need to acquire suitable amphibious armored personnel carriers. The only vehicle that met the requirement were the LVT-7. Now designated by the USMC as the AAV7P, the "plus" designation is the latest configuration that the USMC vehicles will be upgraded to meet its needs until the arrival of the AAAV.

The Plus vehicle will have a new engines, transmissions, and suspension, as well as additional armor to overcome shaped charge warheads.

It is hopped that these vehicles that were offered by the USMC will be procured in the Philippine’s upcoming modernization program.

Translation of Comic PUGAD BABOY

1st frame

Top(Sgt. Sabaybunot): Why did you stop me?

Cop: You were overspeeding!

2nd frame

Top: Buddy, I am a soldier, we don’t have a problem.

3rd frame

Cop: Are you really a soldier? How come you don’t have a military (Armed Forces of the Philippines) registration decal!?


Talisman from GW p.32

Gun Truck "Talisman"; Hardened 2-1/2 ton 6X6 built by the 6th Battalion in anticipation of deployment to Jolo, Sulu. Prior experience of the Battalion commander in that area necessitated the hardening of one vehicle and HUMVV. As use for convoy escort along the lines of communication that would be threatened by ambush.


Iron Eagle from GW p.30

Humve "Iron Eagle"; Armor plates used in the hardening of the 6th Battalion vehicles were salvaged from LVTP5 hulks and given new life. Talisman and Iron Eagle images from Gallant Warriors From the Sea.

Armor Update Proposed item for Marine Modernization / Upgrade.