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Gallant Warriors From the Sea


Welcome, updated as of September 2000.

This is the site of Gallant Warriors From the Sea.
The first book on the history of the Philippine Marine Corps.

Book Details and Ordering Information.

Copies are available from Bookmark bookstore branches,
Filipinas Heritage Library bookshop,
The Filipino Bookstore,
and the
Solidaridad Book Shop,
531 Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila, Philippines.

Copies can be ordered from AVA, PoBox 21104, Oxnard, CA 93034, USA. Send a Money Order for US$14.95, plus US$3.50 shipping for US orders.

For availability of copies in the USA, Europe and other countries please e-mail me at:

Stock photographs on the Philippine Marines are available from Planet Art. Inquiries can be made at

*Suplemental pages for book owners of "Gallant Warriors From the Sea...", are being made available. Contact above e-mail address to register.

Marines Return to Basilan.

"...ALERT ordered." State of Rebellion!?!

Election duties, "Defend the Balot!"

US hostage is rescued by Force Recon Team Assault.

Is it Keblar or Kevlar? The new Marine Helmets.

Armor Update Proposed item for Marine Modernization / Upgrade.

BOMBS in Manila! Military Working Dogs can help in detecting them.

This is not a Drill! December 7 is rembered as the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Is there an attack on the Philippine Marines?

Happy 50th Birthday Marines!

Philippine Marine Scout Snipers.

"What a coincidence?"BALIKATAN 2001

Kauswagan:"The Marines have landed... And all is well at hand!"

Coup Rumors in the Philipines...Marines involved!? KUDETA

Marine Armored Car 1/35 scale resin kit available.

Subic Naval Base Command SUBCOM


Modernization for the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Philippine site on the Korean War PEFTOK.

I was there...with the "First (and only) Filipino entertainment troupe.

MBLT6 Special Operations Team

Philippine Marine Scout Snipers.

Knowledge Will Set You Free...

Article by Marine Lt. Col. Martir featured KAWAL PILIPINO NET; Link of the month

Click to see some photos.

Beach Landing

Marine Equipment and Uniforms

Philippine Marine Medal of Valor Recipient

Vote for this poem!

The book "Gallant Warriors From The Sea" is the first book writen on the Philippine Marines.

It is the first part of a volume of several books that covers the Marines history, development, and their future plans.

For Inquiries, E-mail me at:

Master index of pages and links

Scout Snipers

Go to the Philippine Marine Association USA

Marines in the News Achive of Balita News.

Read about Marines in the News

SITREP:The Spratly situation.

She could be the Flag Officer in Command (FOIC) of the Marines some day.

Poem forwarded from the Unofficial Phil. Airforce website.

Philippine Navy Site

South Vietnam Marine Page

French Marines (in French and English)


Gallant Warriors From The Sea