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Book & Author Information:

Gallant Warriors From The Sea; by Franz Tinio Lopez
Soft Cover, 40 Pages w/ black and white photos(6 pages w/color photos).

Format: Paperback ISBN: 9719303700 Pub. Date: March 1998

Price:US$14.99; plus $3.oo shipping.
Money Orders made to AVA Lopez, PoBox 21104, Oxnard, CA, 93034, USA.

"Gallant Warriors From The Sea" is the first book written on the Philippine Marine Corps. Released in March 1998, the book is the first installment of several volumes to document the Philippine Marine Corps role, history and development as a unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The 40-page book contains numerous photographs from the Marines scrapbook and recent images taken by the author on his visits with the Marine units in the field. Excerpts from CITEMAR6, the Marines official publication have been organized chronologically with captioned photographs to set the timeline of the Marines' history. Interviews with several Marine Commandants were interspersed to give a personal insight to the events as they experienced them. The six center pages are printed in color illustrating the seals of the Marine Battalions and the different Marine uniforms.

"Gallant Warriors From the Sea" was published and printed in the Philippines using desktop publishing and digital imaging techniques. Copies of the book are available at Bookmark Stores, The Filipino Bookstore, and the La Solidaridad bookstore on Padre Faura St., Ermita, Manila.

The author, Franz Tinio Lopez was formally introduced to the Marines in 1984 for an internship in Public Affairs and Civil Relations Services with the 10th Marine Battalion Landing Team that was being organized/formed at Bonifacio Naval Station, Ft. Bonifacio, Manila, Philippines. He still has several photographs that he took of the Marine Battalion being molded from fresh recruits and seasoned Non-Commissioned Officers under the leadership dedicated Marine Officers.

Returning from the United States in 1994 to cover the 50th Anniversary of General Douglas MacArthurs' return to the Philippines at Palo, Leyte. He was asked by his Marine friends about his idea to write a book on the Philippine Marines 10 years ago, when he had participated in the re-enactment of the amphibious landing as a combat photographer on MacArthur' s landing craft.

Obtaining the permission and encouragement of the Philippine Marine Commandant, then Brigadier General Guillermo R. Ruiz in 1995. The author Franz Tinio-Lopez set about to update his compilation of photographs of the Marines in action. His friends in the Marines who had been corporals and Lieutenants in the Marine platoons were now Senior Non-Commission Officers and Field Grade Officers in command of Marine Battalions. They constantly challenged him to focus on the Marines ethos and esprit-de-corps as their drive to serve the Filipino People.

The author is interested in obtaining personal photographs on the Philippine Marines, particularly in those taken in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, to be used in the upcoming volumes of the Marine book.

For information please contact;
Franz Lopez c/o Planet Art, 25b Samar Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines. Fax:(632) 928-4794

Contact address USA:
Franz Lopez c/o AVA's, PoBox 21104, Oxnard, CA, 93034, USA.


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